SmartBCI microbox - Wireless headset EEG System for research and BCI-applications

Wireless headset EEG System for research and BCI-applications

EEGStudio software for EEG and ERP recording and qEEG analysis

EEG and ERP acquisition and processing software

Mitsar EEG Mobile Workstation

Mobile workstation on trolley cart for clinical EEG investigations

Mitsar Portable EEG System

Outpatient EEG system in the nice portable case

MCScap EEG electrodes systems

Brand new EEG caps with removable electrodes

Mitsar.API for EEG and ERP acquisition in Matlab

For real-time EEG and ERP acquisition in Matlab

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  • Wireless Mitsar-EEG-201BT

    Significant upgrade of our most popular Mitsar-EEG-201 amplifier is available for purchase in April 2017. It has new design and great features for your EEG routines.

    Mitsar-EEG-201BT got both USB and Wireless interface. Electrodes impedances are measured online. Built-in battery and Bluetooth module allow to avoid any 50/60 Hz noise on your EEG even in a negative environment.

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  • User survey form

    We ask our users and customers to provide us feedback about our products and services. This user evaluation form helps us to meet your requirements and offer better services.

    Please, be so kind to fill in this survey form and do not hesitate to provide us your remarks and offers. We are open for cooperation and would like to make our customers happy.

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  • New Mitsar-EEG-202

    New release of our Mitsar-EEG-202 amplifier. It has new design and new features for both clinical work and research in neuroscience. EEG amplifier is USB powered and has frequency band from DC-500Hz with sampling rate 2000Hz.

    Mitsar-EEG-202 has two modifications with 24EEG and 31 EEG channels and special plug for ERP calibration.

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  • Lab Streaming Layer technology

    EEGStudio supports on-line data streaming by LSL protocol to third-party applications like Matlab®. This is a great tool for BCI applications design and real-time signal processing.

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  • MCSCap EEG electrodes

    We offer new MCScap systems with removable Ag/AgCl electrodes placed according to 10-20 or modified 10-10 international systems with possibility of simple reconfiguration and replacement of bad electrodes.

    Both routine EEG and long-term EEG monitoring configurations are available for purchase with your Mitsar-EEG amplifiers.

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  • Electro-Cap Electrodes

    Mitsar-EEG systems are fully compatible with worldrecognized 19 and 31 channel ECI caps that are positioned according to the 10-20 or modified 10-10 international methods of electrode placement.

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