Cinical EEG System

Mitsar-EEG System : Best digital EEG equipment for clinical EEG application overview

Clinical EEG system

Mitsar-EEG clinical system is the best digital EEG solution both for hospitals and private clinics. It is fully equipped EEG workstation that alow you to provide clinical EEG assessment to all your patients.

This EEG workstation is supplied with EEG acquisiton and analysis software that includes full range of QEEG functions and is installed on the trolley cart that allow to stay mobile and move between all hospital devisions.

EEG equipment

It is compatible with all Mitsar-EEG amplifier models and could be equipped both with the 25 channels and 32 channel EEG amplifiers. You can choose that EEG machine model that fits your requirements better.

For safety reasons our clinical EEG system is equipped with isolation transformer that fits all safety requirements and allow you to you to work in your facilities without any risk of patient harm.

Photo stimulator

Mitsar-EEG machine provides interface both for photo stimulator that is mounted on the flexible universal arm on the trolley cart. You can perform all standard EEG conditions with our LED red/white colored Mitsar-Photic flash.

Clinical Solution

Installed on mobile trolley together with universal arms compatible with all Mitsar-EEG amplifiers and Photic stimulator it allows you to be mobile and flexible inside your division. Supplied isolation transformer meets all EU safety requirements.

Electro-Cap compatibility

All supplied EEG machines are fully compatible with standard ECI caps that are positioned to the international 10/20 or modified 10/10 methods of EEG electrode placement. These caps are excellent for long term EEG monitoring as well as standard EEG/ERP investigations.

QEEG Software

Supplied EEG software provides not only EEG acquisition features but also advanced signal processing and artifacting based on ICA with Quantitative (QEEG) analysis that includs FFT, Coherence, Indices as well as Independent Component analysis (ICA).